FAQ: What Options Do I Have For Customizing My Survey?

by Christopher Pam

Updated June 26 2013 

The information provided below provides an update on the availability of the customization options mentioned above, based on the new iPerceptions plans that were introduced as part of the launch of iPerceptions' new Active Research platform in February 2013.  

Ability to upload a corporate / brand logo, graphic or icon: Available with every iPerceptions plan

Ability to modify the font family, size and color of questions and answers: Available with every iPerceptions plan

Ability to edit Welcome / Thank You pages (inc. social media links, custom images / coupons): Available starting at the iPerceptions Premium plan.

Click here to learn more about the new iPerceptions plans.


Phil A. 

The iPerceptions Support Team


Branding is important to ensuring that respondents don’t feel “hijacked” when taking part in research, and differentiates the survey from spam type pop-ups frequently seen online.

At all subscription levels you have the option to upload a corporate/brand logo, graphic or icon. This image will appear on the survey invitation and on the top of every page in the survey.

With specific plans, you have access to the advanced customization options. You are able to edit the Welcome and Thank You pages, modify the font and color of the survey text and post an additional image or coupon or ad on the survey Thank You page. Lastly, depending on your plan, you can place both Facebook and Twitter links on the Thank You page, driving respondents to your company’s social media sites.

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