Modifying Your Feedback Button's Style

by Phil A.

Within the "Research Design" section of the iPerceptions platform, on the "Invitation Template" page for your comment card, you have the ability to select between 3 different Feedback button styles for your comment card, which you can choose to show in any of the 4 corners or 4 sides of your visitors' screen: 




Simply select the radio button provided below the style of Feedback button that you would like to use, and click the "Apply" button provided to save your changes.  

If you are currently using the iPerceptions Universal Code, these changes will be applied to your comment card in real-time.

If you are currently using a legacy version of the iPerceptions code, please note that you would need to download and implement new versions of the iPerceptions script and files for your Comment Card in order for this change to be applied.



UPDATED: December 4 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.


UPDATED: May 11 2015

With the advent of the iPerceptions Universal Code, modifications that are made on the "Invitation Template" page in the Active Research Platform for your comment card can simply be published in order to be applied in real-time, and no longer requires you to download and implement new versions of the iPerceptions script in order for these modifications to be applied.  

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