FAQ: Do I need to use a floating icon? Can I use a text link or a static image instead?

by Phil A.

UPDATE: MAY 11 2015

Please note that the content in this article focuses on a legacy version of the iPerceptions code, and as such may no longer be applicable.  To learn more about our Universal Code, please check out this section of our support forum.




The floating icon can be disabled by removing a line at the end of the JavaScript library. The Comment Card can be opened from a text link or static image by attaching a small JavaScript code to the onclick event of the link or image. 

• If you want to load the iPerceptions Comment Card from a link or image, associate the onclick event handler to call the JavaScript function, iperceptions.ipeCC(). 

• If you want do not want to show the iPerceptions floating icon, you should remove the
call to iperceptions.ipeIcon(); at the end of the JavaScript library.

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