Adding or Replacing a Logo On Your Comment Card

by Phil A.

For any iPerceptions plan for which you are able to create Comment Cards, you will have the ability to add a logo to personalize your Comment Card to reflect your brand.

Your logo will appear in the top-left corner of both the main Comment Card screen, as well as on the Thank You page which your respondents will see once they have provided their feedback.  

To begin the process, go to the “Design” section of your Comment Card, go to the “Look and Feel” page, and then click the “Upload / Remove Logo” button provided:


A new window will appear, where you would need to select the image / logo that you would like to upload, and then click “Upload”.  Completing this process will automatically add the logo to both your Comment Card's main page and Thank You page.  

If at a later date you wish to replace an already-uploaded logo, then simply repeat the same steps provided above.  

The logo that you upload would need to meet the following requirements:

-          Format: .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp or .giff

-          Dimensions: 199 x 64 – If your logo’s dimensions are not precisely as such, it will be resized to fit

-          Size: Less than 1MB

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