Tip: Find out where your respondents receive your survey invitation!

by Phil A.

Would you like to get a better idea of exactly where your respondents were asked to participate in your survey?  

iPerceptions has just released an update where you would be able to see this information by reviewing the CSV or XML datafile that you can obtain through the “Data Export” feature. 

After exporting your datafile, you will be able to find this information under the “InvitedOnURL” variable. 

Especially if you have implemented the iPerceptions script across multiple pages within your website (or even within a global footer), this variable may come in handy to provide you with a sense of where on your website your respondents are receiving the survey invitation, and may also help provide some additional context to your survey responses. 

The Data Export feature is available starting with the iPerceptions Enterprise plan.


UPDATED: February 2 2016

This article was updated to reflect changes to the ability to use the Data Export feature with the iPerceptions Free platform.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.

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