Filtering Your Open-Ended Feedback Based On Close-Ended Survey Answers

by Phil A.

By default, when first entering the Text Mining tool, no filters will have been applied and you will be looking at all of the open-ended feedback that you have collected.  However, you can choose to filter this feedback based on answers that have been provided by your respondents for close-ended questions in your survey (e.g. Single-Select, Multi-Select, Set-of-Ratings, etc.). 

Within the “Respondent Segmentation” menu, specify the survey answer(s) that you would like to use as a filter, and then click the “Update” button provided to apply your selections:




You can review the filters that are currently applied to your open-ended feedback by returning to this menu, and finding the items which are shown in orange:






By looking at the "Total Comments" count provided to the right of the "Update" button, you can keep an eye on the number of open-ended responses which meet the criteria that you have set.


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