Using the Word Cloud and Concept Cloud

by Phil A.

UPDATED: November 15 2013


*Available starting at the iPerceptions Premium plan


The Word Cloud and Concept Cloud allow you to quickly visualize common words and themes within your open-ended feedback.  This can come in handy in many different cases, like if you are trying to analyze a very large amount of open-ended responses, or if you are wanting to identify key themes based on different filters you have set. 

A quick overview of what the Word Cloud and Concept Cloud are:

- The Word Cloud quantifies your open-ended feedback in terms of frequency count

- The Concept Cloud aggregates your open-ended feedback by combining common misspellings, typos and synonyms


The Word Cloud and Concept Cloud can be accessed directly above the table of open-ended responses.  By default, this feature is not automatically activated, so you just need to click on the option provided to activate it:



By default, the Word Cloud will be shown, listing the words in order based on frequency, with the size of the word being determined based on how often they were used in your open-ended feedback.  You can switch to the Concept Cloud option by clicking on the option provided on the top-left corner of the feature.  For both the Word Cloud and Concept Cloud, you can choose to sort the items based on frequency (default), or by alphabetical order. 


If you would like to see all of the open-ended responses which are linked to an item within the Word Cloud or Concept Cloud, simply click the item, and the table of open-ended responses below will update based on your selection. 



To clear any selections that you have made within the Word Cloud or Concept Cloud, simply click on the “Clear” button provided in the top-right corner of the Word / Concept Cloud.


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