Bookmarking a Filter

by Phil A.

UPDATED: November 4 2016


The Text Mining tool allows you to apply multiple filters to your open-ended feedback so that you can focus on a precise group of respondents.   Sometimes, you may want to come back to the Text Mining tool at another time and again focus on this same group of respondents, which typically requires you to apply each filter one by one again. 

On the other hand, you are able to bookmark filters which, when selected, would reapply the set of filters that you had set, and prevent you from having to enter each of them individually. 

You can create bookmarks based on the following:

  • How your respondents answer the close-ended questions in your survey (e.g. Purpose of Visit, Task Completion, Demographics, etc.)
  • Keywords that they included in open-ended responses (e.g. Buy, Promo, Error, etc,).

Complete the following steps to set up a new bookmarks:



  1. Select the open-ended question(s) on which you want to base your scheduled report (Default: All questions)
  2. Expand this menu to view a list of the close-ended questions included in your project.  Use the checkboxes provided to specify which respondents you want your scheduled reports to focus on, based on the answer(s) they provided in your survey.  (Default: All respondents)
  3. Enter keywords (if any) that should be present in each of the answers provided in your scheduled report.  (Default: All responses)
  4. Click “Save” to bookmark the parameters you specified in #1 - #3.


A new window will appear where you can enter the name you would like to give to this bookmark within the field provided.  We recommend giving your bookmark a clear name that will make it easy for you identify whenever you need to load this bookmark at a later date:



After doing so, click the “Save” button provided, and this bookmark will now be available whenever using the Text Mining tool moving forward.  


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