FAQ: What are the differences between the “Text Mining” tool for surveys and the “Inbox” feature for Comment Cards?

by Phil A.

There are many similarities between the Text Mining tool for surveys and the "Inbox" tool for Comment Cards.  However, a couple of key differences are:

1) For surveys, you can pick and choose precisely for which open-ended question you would like to review responses.  For Comment Cards, you can instead specify for which pages or URL segments of your website you would like to evaluate responses. 

2) For surveys, you are able to view additional information to the right of every response which shows other information and answers provided by that respondent in your survey.  For Comment Cards, to the right of every response you will see the type of comment this respondent provided (Praise, Dislike, Suggestion), the rating they provided for the “Likelihood to Recommend” question, the “Focus” of their comment, as well as the browser they were using. 


Click here to learn more about how to use the Text Mining tool, as well as view tips and FAQs.

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