Showing Additional Information With Your Open-Ended Feedback

by Phil A.

When using “Card" view to review your open-ended responses, you can view additional information about each respondent to the right of each response.  By default, the URL on which the respondent received the survey invitation will be shown, along with the browser (and version) that they were using at the time.  You are able to pick and choose which additional information to show for every response by selecting the “Additional Info” option:





A new window will appear showing you the options that you can choose to show next to each of your open-ended responses:




The options from which you can select include:

- Answers from close-ended questions that are also asked in your survey

- Data that is automatically-collected for each respondent (e.g. Browser information, Country, etc.)


Simply select the information that you would like to show next to your open-ended responses (maximum of 5), and click the “Update” button provided to apply your selections.  


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