Selecting Which Questions to Analyze in the "Dashboard" Tool

by Phil A.

UPDATE: December 3 2015

Please note that the “Dashboard” reporting tool is no longer available in the iPerceptions Active Research platform as of December 4 2015.  Please check out this section of our support forum for information on the reporting tools available in the Active Research Platform.



The “Dashboard” tool enables you to gather a snapshot of your close-ended data based on the metric and dimension / group that you select.  You can view your metrics either as an aggregate, or trended over time (e.g. monthly).

After having selected your desired time range, you can use the 2 drop-down menus provided below to select which variables you would like to analyze in the chart and table:





Menu 1

Select the metric that you would like to examine.  Some examples of the metrics you will find within this menu, when using an iPerceptions Certified Survey, will be “Overall Experience” (average rating on 0 – 10 scale), “Task Completion” (% who answered Yes), as well as “# of Respondents”.


Menu 2

Select the dimension / group by which you would like to examine the metric you selected in Menu 1.  “Purpose of Visit” is an example of a dimension you will find within this menu when using an iPerceptions Certified Survey, while a “Total Sample” option will also be provided if you would to analyze the metric you selected in Menu 1 for all of your respondents combined. 


After making your selections, click the “Update” button provided, and your changes will be applied to the data provided:






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