Reviewing the Data Table in the "Dashboard" Tool

by Phil A.

UPDATE: December 3 2015

Please note that the “Dashboard” reporting tool is no longer available in the iPerceptions Active Research platform as of December 4 2015.  Please check out this section of our support forum for information on the reporting tools available in the Active Research Platform.



The “Dashboard” tool enables you to gather a snapshot of your close-ended data based on the metric and dimension / group that you select.  You can view your metrics either as an aggregate, or trended over time (e.g. monthly).

After having selected your desired time range and variables to analyze, you can review your data in both chart and table format:





1) By default, the chart provided will list the first 3 items within the dimension that you had selected (in our example, “Research Rates”, “Hotel Info” and “Book”).  However, if you would like to focus more on certain groups, or even all of the groups provided, you can do so by using the checkboxes provided to left of each group, and then selecting the update button.  Doing so will update the chart to show all of the groups that you had selected:




2) For each time period shown within the table, the first column shown will provide either the percentage, proportion or average for each individual group, based on the metric that you had selected to analyze. 


For example, in the example provided above, we are looking at “Task Completion” by “Purpose of Visit”.  For those coming to “Research Rates”, we see that their Task Completion (% of those who were able to accomplish what they came to your website to do) was 61.2% for the week of January 30. 


3) For each time period shown within the table, the second column shown will provide the size of the sample for each individual group.  For example, in the example provided above, the number of those who came to “Research Rates” on the week of January 30 was 227.  


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