Selecting Predictive Attributes in the “Priority Grid” Tool

by Phil A.

When using iPerceptions’ Experience Tracking and Optimization framework for your survey, the “Priority Grid” tool enables you to perform Bayesian Model Averaging to determine the level of influence that specific website attributes had on your visitors’ Overall Experience.  

After selecting your dependent variable, you next need to specify which Predictive Attributes you would like to include in your analysis and determine the level of influence they each had on the dependent variable.  In this analysis, the Predictive Attributes provided in this menu will include all of the Experience Tracking & Optimization Framework questions that you have included in your survey:




You can select from 2 to 9 different Attributes to include in your analysis using either of the following ways:

- Holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and choosing your desired Attributes

- Clicking and dragging over these Attributes


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FAQWhich predictive attributes do I include in my analysis?

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