Defining a Segment in the “Priority Grid” Tool

by Phil A.

When using iPerceptions’ Experience Tracking and Optimization framework for your survey, the “Priority Grid” tool enables you to perform Bayesian Model Averaging to determine the level of influence that specific website attributes had on your visitors’ Overall Experience.  

By default, the analysis you perform using the Priority Grid will evaluate your total sample.  However, if you would like to focus your analysis on a specific group of respondents, you can do so using the “Define the Segment” option provided below the Predictive Attributes menu: 





Selecting this option will expand a menu where you can start specifying on which group you would like to focus:  





First, select on which question you would like to filter your sample. 

Doing so will populate the box below it with the answers provided with this question.  Next, select the answer(s) on which you would like to filter your sample, then click the down-arrow button provided to bring your selections into the second box.  To confirm your selections, click the “Add” button provided, after which you will be able to review the conditions you applied: 




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