Analyzing the Priority Grid Chart in the “Priority Grid” Tool

by Phil A.

When using iPerceptions’ Experience Tracking and Optimization framework for your survey, the “Priority Grid” tool enables you to perform Bayesian Model Averaging to determine the level of influence that specific website attributes had on your visitors’ Overall Experience.  

After having processed all of your selections, you will find the output for your analysis at the bottom of the page, including the “Priority Grid” itself:




The Priority Grid chart will show each of the website Attributes which were found to have had a statistically significant level of influence on your website’s Overall Experience rating. 

The color of the bubble in the Priority Grid is reflected in the “Attributes Ranking” box provided to the right (in the example above, the green bubble represents the “Discovery” Attribute, the orange bubble represents the “Return” Attribute, etc.). 

The placement of the Attributes in the Priority Grid are dependent on 2 things:

-  The level of influence that the Attribute was found to have on your website’s Overall Experience.  The higher the bubble is on the Priority Grid, the more influence it was found to have. 

- The rating that respondents gave for the Attribute (on a 0 – 10 scale).  The further to the right the bubble is on the Priority Grid, the higher the rating it received. 

The top-left quadrant of the Priority Grid is nicknamed the “Top Priority” grid, as Attributes found in this quadrant were found to have had a comparatively large amount of influence on your website’s Overall Experience rating, but under-performed in terms of the rating it received compared to the other website Attributes examined.  As such, these aspects of your website may require your attention since they hold a significant level of influence on your visitors’ satisfaction with your website.


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