Analyzing the “Model” Table in the “Priority Grid” Tool

by Phil A.

When using iPerceptions’ Experience Tracking and Optimization framework for your survey, the “Priority Grid” tool enables you to perform Bayesian Model Averaging to determine the level of influence that specific website attributes had on your visitors’ Overall Experience.  

As part of the output provided is the “Model” table, which provides data that was calculated for each of the Predictive Attributes you had selected when you generated the Priority Grid:




The website Attributes listed at the top of the table are the ones that were found to have had statistically significant influence on your respondents’ Overall Experience ratings, while the ones listed in the bottom of the table were the ones that did not have a statistically significant level of influence, and were thus eliminated from the analysis. 

For each website Attribute, the following data is provided:

-  Influence: The level of influence that was found for this Attribute during this analysis.

-  Significance: The statistical significance of the Influence level for this website Attribute. 

-  Rating: The rating that the sample of respondents included in this analysis provided for this Attribute


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