FAQ: Which predictive attributes do I include in my analysis?

by Phil A.

When using the iPerceptions Experience Tracking and Optimization framework, you will be including questions which examine your visitors’ satisfaction with 5 different Dimensions of your website:

-  Navigation

-  Content

-  Interactivity

-  Motivation

-  Adoption


Ideally, you will be including the same amount of questions for each Dimension, so you would often be asking a total of 10 or 15 Attributes questions. 

As the Priority Grid enables you to perform your analysis for up to 9 website Attributes at the same time, you may sometimes be unable to include all of your website Attributes in your analysis. 

If this is the case, we often recommend generating a Priority Grid using only the website Attributes which relate to the more tangible aspects of your website, such as Navigation, Content and Interactivity.  Doing so can help identify specific aspects of your website on which you can focus your analysis. 

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