The “Trended Benchmarks” tab in the “Benchmarks” Tool

by Phil A.

The “Benchmarks” tool enables you to compare your performance to any or all of iPerceptions’ 15+ industries and 7 site objectives in terms of your visitors’ Overall Experience, Purpose of Visit (Intent) and Task Completion, trended over time. 

The “Trended Benchmarks” tab provides context to your results with monthly, quarterly or yearly trending of your Task Completion and Overall Experience scores relative to any or all Site Objectives and Industries.  




1) Select the metric (Overall Experience or Task Completion) by which to benchmark your website. 

2) The “Overall Experience over time” chart trends your website’s performance according to the metric selected in #1, as well as the selected Industry and Site Objective.

3) This chart trends the number of responses that were collected for your survey within the selected time frame.  


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