The “iPerceptions Intent Benchmark™” tab in the “Benchmarks” Tool

by Phil A.

The “Benchmarks” tool enables you to compare your performance to any or all of iPerceptions’ 15+ industries and 7 site objectives in terms of your visitors’ Overall Experience, Purpose of Visit (Intent) and Task Completion, trended over time. 

Based on visitors’ Purpose of Visit (intent), the “iPerceptions Intent Benchmark™” report examines how your website compares to others with the same Site Objective in terms of visitors’ ability to complete their task.




1) The “Task Completion by Purpose of Visit” table provides visitors’ Task Completion ratings based on their Purpose of Visit and percentile relative to sites with the same Site Objective.   Hovering over the “?” icon next to each category specifies the different Purposes of Visits that have been classified in this category

2) This diagram illustrates the spread of Task Completion scores according to the respective Purpose of Visit categories aligned to your Site Objective.  The graph presents the upper, lower quartile and inter-quartile range of the data set. A quartile divides the data set into four equal percentile groups:

 4th quartile: 1st – 25th percentile

2nd to 3rd quartile: 26th – 75th percentile

1st quartile: 76th percentile – 99th percentile

The orange circle represents your website’s Task Completion percentile, and compares your website to others with the same Site Objective for each of the Purpose of Visit categories examined. The dotted vertical line provided for each of the bars in this chart represents the median score for all websites with your site objective for that particular Purpose of Visit category. Hovering over the quartiles and median displays intelligent text for easier comprehension.

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