Overview of the Different Types of Scheduled Reports for Surveys

by Phil A.


Please note that a beta version of our Scheduled Reports feature is available, which introduces a number of new functionalities to help you get the most out of your scheduled reports.  To learn more about the beta version of our Scheduled Report feature, please refer to this article.



Using the “Schedule Reports” tool for your Certified Surveys and Custom Surveys, you can program automated e-mails to be sent to a distribution list on a weekly or monthly basis to help keep an eye on the data you are collecting. This tool is available as of the iPerceptions Premium plan, and can be performed by those with user accounts for which “Administrator” privileges have been assigned.  

For Certified Surveys and Custom Surveys, you can create a Comments scheduled report, where you will receive an automated email every week / month that provides a list of all of the responses you received for questions in your survey that use the “Open-Ended Text” question type, with these responses being organized by question.  You can pick and choose for which specific Open-Ended Text questions you would like to receive responses in the scheduled reports.

Click here to learn how to create a “Comments” scheduled report.


Note that you can also create scheduled reports for comment cards, about which you can learn more in this article



UPDATED: January 8 2016

The ability to create “Alerts” scheduled reports for surveys is no longer available in the iPerceptions Active Research platform.  This article has been modified to reflect this update.

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