Creating an ‘Alerts’ Scheduled Report

by Phil A.

UPDATED: January 8 2016

Please note that the ability to create “Alerts” scheduled reports for surveys is no longer available in the iPerceptions Active Research platform.  Please check out this section of our support forum for information on the scheduled reports you can create for iPerceptions surveys in the Active Research Platform.



Using the “Schedule Reports” tool, you can program automated e-mails to be sent to a distribution list on a weekly or monthly basis to help keep an eye on the data you are collecting.   This tool is available as of the iPerceptions Premium plan, and can be performed by those with user accounts for which “Administrator” privileges have been assigned. 

1) To start creating an Alerts scheduled report, select the “Add Scheduled Email” option on the main ‘Schedule Reports’ page:




2) A new page will be shown where you must first select the type of scheduled report you would like to create – “Alerts Report” in this case:




3) Enter a name that you would like to assign to this scheduled report.  If you are creating multiple scheduled reports, it might be ideal to give it a more specific name (e.g. Weekly Alerts Report for Analysis Team):




4) Select the users you would like to include in the distribution list for this particular scheduled report by selecting them in the “Contact List” box, then clicking the right arrow to bring them to the “Selected Contacts” box.  Note that only those with user accounts linked to your subscription can be included in this distribution list:




5) Select the frequency at which you would like these scheduled reports to be sent to the distribution list – Weekly will be sent every Monday, while Monthly will be sent the 1st of every month.




6) Determine the type of alerts that will be included in this scheduled report.  “All Significant Alerts” will provide a list of all changes in your close-ended data that are statistically significant at a 60% level, while “Only Significant Alerts” will reduce this list to only those that are statistically significant at a 90% level. 




7) When steps 1 through 6 have been completed, click the “Save” button to create your Alerts Scheduled Report.



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