Deleting an Existing Scheduled Report

by Phil A.


Please note that a beta version of our Scheduled Reports feature is available, which introduces a number of new functionalities to help you get the most out of your scheduled reports.  To learn more about managing a scheduled report in the beta version of our Scheduled Report feature, please refer to this article.



Using the “Schedule Reports” tool, you can program automated e-mails to be sent to a distribution list on a weekly or monthly basis to help keep an eye on the data you are collecting.   This tool is available as of the iPerceptions Premium plan, and can be performed by those with user accounts for which “Administrator” privileges have been assigned. 

On the main “Schedule Reports” page, all existing scheduled reports will be listed, which each report having their own “Delete” button:




If you would like this scheduled report to no longer be sent to the distribution list that was assigned for it, click the “Delete” button for this respective scheduled report.  Note that this selection would be permanent, and there would be no way to bring back a deleted scheduled report. 


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