Adjusting Your Invitation Rates

by Phil A.

UPDATE: MAY 5 2015

Please note that the content in this article focuses on a legacy version of the iPerceptions code, and as such may no longer be applicable.  To learn more about our Universal Code, please check out this section of our support forum, as well as this article for more information on setting invitation rates for projects which use the iPerceptions Universal Code.  




Available with all iPerceptions plans is the ability to adjust the invitation rate at which you would like to invite your website visitors to participate in your survey. 

To adjust your survey's invitation rate, go to the "Collect" section of the portal, and then go to the "Adjust Invitation Rate" page.  Within this page, you will be shown 3 different sliders: 1 for "Desktop", 1 for "Mobile" and 1 for "Tablet".  With any iPerceptions plan comes the ability to collect on "Desktop" devices, while you will also be able to collect on "Tablet" and "Mobile" devices starting at the iPerceptions Plus plan.

For the collection device to which you have access on your iPerceptions plan, first select the checkbox provided to the left of the device for which you want to adjust the invitation rate.  After doing so, adjust the slider to your desired invitation rate (or simply enter it in the text box provided), and then click the "Save" button whenever you are done:




Whenever you make a change to your survey's invitation rates, they will appear in the provided "Invitation Rate Summary" box to the right of the page:  




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