Tip: Remember to set invitation rates for each of your languages

by Phil A.

UPDATE: MAY 5 2015

Please note that the content in this article focuses on a legacy version of the iPerceptions code, and as such may no longer be applicable.  To learn more about our Universal Code, please check out this section of our support forum, as well as this article for more information on setting invitation rates for projects which use the iPerceptions Universal Code.  




Note that if you are programming a survey with multiple languages, you will need to set invitation rates for each of the different languages in order to be able to collect for each of them individually.  

When first accessing the "Adjust Invitation Rate" page, the first language that will appear will be the one that you had set as your default language.  However, you are able to toggle between the different languages by using the "Select Language" drop-down box provided:




Toggling between the different languages will automatically update the sliders to show you the current rates set for those languages.  

It is common to have different invitation rates for each individual language.  However, if you would like to set the same invitation rate for all languages, without having to toggle between the different languages individually, the "Select Language" drop-down also provides an "ALL LANGUAGES" option, where you invitation rate modifications will be applied to all of your programmed languages simultaneously:




After making your modifications, always remember to click the "Update" button provided, and refer to the "Invitation Rate Summary" box provided on the page to help you keep track of all of the different invitation rates set: 



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