FAQ: Where should I place the iPerceptions script on my website?

by Phil A.

UPDATE: MAY 5 2015

Please note that the content in this article focuses on a legacy version of the iPerceptions code, and as such may no longer be applicable.  To learn more about our Universal Code, please check out this section of our support forum, as well as this section for more information about implementing the Universal Code.




Overall, this depends on whether you would be implementing a survey to be served only to those who visit your website using a Desktop device, or whether you would also be planning to provide a survey to those visiting using either a Tablet or Mobile device.  


If you are implementing a survey to be served only to those using a Desktop device, then you can add the script on any page of your website as you wish.  We often recommend placing the iPerceptions script either on a global footer or on any high-traffic landing pages, to ensure that your visitors receive their survey invitation as early as possible during their website visit.  

If you are implementing a survey to be served to those using a Tablet or Mobile device, then the iPerceptions script would need to be implemented on every page of your website to ensure that the survey invitation methodology for these devices is properly executed.  The invitation method for tablet / mobile devices uses a persistent call to action, where an icon appears at the bottom right of these users’ screens once they have already accepted to take part in the survey.  When this icon is pressed, the survey will appear.


Implementing the iPerceptions Script for Desktop-only Surveys

Implementing the iPerceptions Script for Tablet and Mobile-only Surveys

Implementing the iPerceptions Script for Multi-Device Surveys

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