Obtaining the Files Required To Implement Comment Cards

by Phil A.

UPDATE: MAY 11 2015

Please note that the content in this article focuses on a legacy version of the iPerceptions code, and as such may no longer be applicable.  To learn more about our Universal Code, please check out this section of our support forum.




UPDATED: October 8 2013


After you have finished modifying and saving your changes for your Comment Card's Feedback button and roll-over message box, you will need to download and implement its iPerceptions JavaScript and files on your website to begin serving the Comment Card to your website visitors.  

As well, if you have modified the look and feel of a Comment Card that you have already implemented, you will need to download and implement new versions of the iPerceptions JavaScript and files in order for these changes to be applied.  

To obtain these files, click on the "Download All Files" button provided within the "Collect" section of the iPerceptions portal: 




These files will be provided within a .zip folder, and will contain the following items:

- A JavaScript file which you will need to implement on the pages for where you would like the Comment Card to appear
- A PNG image file for the Feedback button that you modified
- A PNG image file for the roll-over message box seen when visitors hover over the Feedback button


You can click here for documentation which provides more information (and FAQs) on the implementation process for Comment Cards, or you can also click here for a quick overview of how to implement the downloaded files.  

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