Analyzing your Data within the “Your Industry” tab of the “Benchmarks” Tool

by Phil A.

The content in this article refers to a previous version of the iPerceptions Benchmarks reporting tool. 

Please note that iPerceptions has launched its next generation Experience and Intent Benchmark™, which now provides interactive and improved data visualizations with the capability to segment by intent, overall experience and task completion.  To learn more, please check out this section of our forum, and also check out this post on the iPerceptions Blog.



The “Benchmarks” tool enables you to compare how your website is performing compared to other studies in your industry in terms of your respondents’ Overall Experience, Purpose of Visit, and Task Completion.  Benchmarking capabilities are available starting at the Premium plan.  

While the “Metrics” and “Purpose of Visit” tabs compare your website’s Overall Experience and Task Completion ratings to your industry as an aggregate, you can instead view how other individual studies are performing in terms of these metrics in the “Your Industry” tab.




Your website will be shown in orange, while all other studies in your industry will be shown in grey. 

The two lines shown in the chart provide the Task Completion and Overall Experience ratings for your industry overall.  In the example above, “My Website” is on par with the Task Completion rate for the overall industry, though its Overall Experience score is notably lower than the industry’s.



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