FAQ: Why can’t I see any data in the Benchmarks tool?

by Phil A.

The content in this article refers to a previous version of the iPerceptions Benchmarks reporting tool. 

Please note that iPerceptions has launched its next generation Experience and Intent Benchmark™, which now provides interactive and improved data visualizations with the capability to segment by intent, overall experience and task completion. To learn more, please check out this section of our forum, and also check out this post on the iPerceptions Blog.



While you are able to access the “All Industries” tab for each of your surveys, your survey(s) would need to be iPerceptions Certified Surveys (utilizing the iPerceptions 4Q Framework of questions) for each of the Benchmarks tabs to populate.  

As such, if you are accessing the "Benchmarks" tool for one of your Custom Surveys, you will see the following message for the "Metrics", "Purpose of Visit" and "Your Industry" tabs: 



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