Selecting a Time Period on the “Monitoring” Tool

by Phil A.

UPDATE: August 4 2015

Please note that the “Monitoring” reporting tool is no longer available in the iPerceptions Active Research platform following its beta release. Please check out this section of our support forum for information on the reporting tools available in the Active Research Platform



Available starting at the iPerceptions Premium plan, the “Monitoring” tool allows you to identify statistically significant changes in your close-ended data from one period to the next.   

The bar chart provided will display the number of statistically significant changes during each of the previous 12 weeks or months, depending on the selection you made.  The bar highlighted in blue signifies the time period upon which the statistically significant findings provided are based: 




By default, the most recent week / month will be selected, though you can select a different time period on which to focus by clicking the bar provided for this period. 

The number shown above the highlighted bar represents the total number of short-term and long-term statistically significant findings seen in your close-ended data for this time period (at a 60% level).


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