Filtering Your Alerts on the “Monitoring” Tool

by Phil A.

UPDATE: August 4 2015

Please note that the “Monitoring” reporting tool is no longer available in the iPerceptions Active Research platform following its beta release. Please check out this section of our support forum for information on the reporting tools available in the Active Research Platform



Available starting at the iPerceptions Premium plan, the “Monitoring” tool allows you to identify statistically significant changes in your close-ended data from one period to the next.   

By default, statistically significant alerts will be calculated using each close-ended question in your survey.  However, if you would like to focus your analysis on only certain metrics and dimensions, you can do so using the “Alerts Settings” option:




Selecting this option will open a window listing each of the metrics and dimensions for which you are collecting with your survey.  Use the checkboxes provided to pick and choose the items you would like to use in your analysis, then select the “Save” button to apply your selections:





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