User Experience for Comment Cards

by Phil A.



The iPerceptions Universal Code provides the flexibility to conduct more targeted research by setting triggers to display survey invitations and comment card feedback buttons only to those who qualify based on conditions that you specify.  

The screenshots below demonstrate the 3 steps of the invitation process when a visitor who is using a Desktop device qualifies based on the triggers programmed for this comment card. 


Upon entry to a page where the iPerceptions implementation code has been placed, visitors that qualify will see a feedback button appearing in any one of the following 8 possible positions of the website.





At any time, visitors can hover over the feedback button. After doing so, the feedback button will be replaced with a message inviting them to provide their feedback.





After clicking on the message, the Comment Card is displayed in a new window.



After completing a comment card, visitors will continue to see the feedback button on their screen, and may still see the feedback button throughout their session is they continue to qualify for one based on the triggers programmed for it.  No limit is set to the number of comment cards that can be completed in one session.

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