User Experience for Desktop Surveys

by Phil A.



The iPerceptions Universal Code provides the flexibility to conduct more targeted research by setting triggers to display survey invitations and comment card feedback buttons only to those who qualify based on conditions that you specify.  

The screenshots below demonstrate the 3 steps of the invitation process when a visitor who is using a Desktop device qualifies based on the triggers programmed for this survey: 


Step 1: Invitation

Asks whether the visitor would like to participate in an online survey, and will provide two options: “Yes” or “No”:






Step 2: Inset

When a visitor selects “Yes” on the survey invitation, the invitation window closes and a pop-up window opens on the desktop behind the main browser window instructing the visitor to return to it after they have finished their visit in order to complete the survey.




If a visitor selects “No” on the survey invitation, the invitation closes and the visitor does not receive another invitation for this survey during their session.



Step 3: Start Questionnaire Window

After approximately 15 seconds, the Inset window refreshes to show a “Start Questionnaire” button. This step occurs within the inset window itself, and does not interfere with the visitor’s session. 




Once the visitor has completed their session, they can return to this window and select the “Start Questionnaire” window in order to go to the Welcome Page of the survey.

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