Locking the Universal Code to Specific Domains

by Phil A.

The Universal Code for your account can be used to manage all of your iPerceptions projects to be implemented on websites.  

On the same page in the iPerceptions Platform where you obtain the Universal Code for your account, the domains associated with your account must be entered in the “Domains associated to your account” fields:


This is an additional security benefit which locks the Universal Code to these pre-determined URL domains, and this list can be modified at any time by returning to the “Universal Code" page in the iPerceptions Platform.  


Important: If you have implemented the Universal Code on your website, your surveys will not be shown to your visitors until you have entered your website's domain(s) here.  


A “domain” is a string or address where the pages of a website are found.  For example, “iperceptions.com” is the domain for the iPerceptions website, and all pages of the website are found within it (e.g. “iperceptions.com/en/support/overview”).

You can specify the domains for your Universal Code on this page in any of the following 2 ways:

  1. You can enter them manually in the fields provided ("Enter domain here"), and click "Add domain" for every additional domains you would like to specify.  
  2. If you have a large list of domains that you would like to specify, you can also use the "Select file" option to upload a file containing the domains you want to specify, and they will be automatically populated in the box.  This file must be in .txt format, and every domain must be on its own line.


Some things to keep in mind when entering the domains for your Universal Code:

  • “http / https” does not need to be entered in these fields.
  • If your website domain includes "www", you must enter "www" as part of your website domain.
  • You can associate all subdomains for a given domain by entering * in front of the domain (e.g. to associate all subdomains ending in example.com, you can enter *.example.com
  • If you want to test the Universal Code within a staging environment or on test pages, make sure that the domains for these items are added.  
  • The amount of domains you can enter for your Universal Code is dependent on the iPerceptions plan you are on.


UPDATED: January 13 2017

This article was updated to highlight a new feature allowing you to upload a list of domains via a .txt file, while the content has been reorganized to provide further clarity on how domains need to be entered.  


UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  



UPDATED: July 16 2015

An update has been released which asks that the domains entered for your Universal Code must match exactly, and should included "www" if needed.  

As well, starting with the iPerceptions Premium plan, you can also now associate all subdomains for a given domain by entering * before the domain.  For example, to associate all subdomains ending in "example.com", enter *.example.com in the field provided. 


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