Overview: Implementing the Universal Code

by Phil A.

UPDATED: February 26 2016


Once you have obtained your Universal Code, it needs to be implemented on your website in order for survey invitations or comment card feedback buttons to be shown to your website visitors. The iPerceptions Universal Code should be implemented on all pages of your website via the global footer. 

The iPerceptions Universal Code is a single snippet of JavaScript code which loads asynchronously with the content on your website, and can be implemented using a Content Management System (CMS), Tag Management Solution (TMS) or directly into your website’s code. 

It is strongly recommended that it is implemented immediately above the closing body tag (</body>) of the pages, and that it is not placed within iFrame tags. 

Prior to pushing your iPerceptions surveys or comment cards live, we strongly recommend testing them first by implementing them in a staging environment.  If a staging environment is not available, one option you may consider is implementing the Universal Code on test pages which are not linked to your website’s navigation.  Keep in mind that the test domains need to be included in the list of allowed domains associated to your Universal Code.

Check out this blog post on the iPerceptions website for more information about getting started with the iPerceptions Universal Code.  

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