Selecting Languages to Include in Data Export

by Phil A.

Starting with the iPerceptions Enterprise plan, you the ability to export the last 3 years of data that you collected for a project in CSV, XML or IBM® SPSS® format datafiles via the "Data Export" feature.


By default, the data in your export includes data collected from each of the different language versions of your project.  However, you can specify whether to include the data collected from certain language versions of your project by clicking the "Select Languages" button: 



Clicking this button opens a menu where you can select specific languages to include in your export.  The languages listed in this menu represent the language packs that have been added to your project.



After making your selections, click "Save". 


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UPDATED: February 2 2016

This article was updated to reflect changes to the ability to use the Data Export feature with the iPerceptions Free platform.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

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