Selecting Export Format Options in Data Export

by Phil A.

Starting with the iPerceptions Enterprise plan, you the ability to export the last 3 years of data that you collected for a project in CSV, XML or IBM® SPSS® format datafiles via the "Data Export" feature.


In the "Export Format" box, you can specify in which format to export your survey results, as well as apply additional options to your export if you are exporting a CSV format datafile: 



Using the drop-down menu provided, select from the following formats to export your data: CSV (default), XML, or SPSS (available starting with our Enterprise plan).  

The "Options" menu is available if the CSV option has been selected.  By clicking this button, a menu is shown where you can modify specific aspects of your export: 




  • Include header: Show either the short / reporting descriptions for your questions in the header of your datafile, or their long description / full text.  
  • Include a mapping file: Provides additional information about the questions and answers included in the export, including their short and long descriptions and their question ID number.
  • Include calculated dimensions: If you are using the iPerceptions Experience Tracking Framework in your survey, you can export the Dimension and iPSI ratings for your respondents.


Other Formatting

  • Display answers as: Display the data in your export as text values only, code values only, or system-optimized values (default).  System-optimized values display either text values or code values, depending on the question type. 
  • Recode blank answer as: Recode blank cells in the export to show a different value (“N/A”) for open-ended answers that respondents skipped.
  • Field delimiter: Export your CSV datafile with a Comma, Tab, or Semi-Colon field delimiter. 
  • Text qualifier: Export your CSV datafile with a ' (single-quote), " (double-quote) or no text qualifier.  
  • Encoding format: Use either UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding for your CSV datafile. 
  • Compress export: Export your CSV datafile (and mapping file, if selected) into a .zip file


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UPDATED: February 2 2016

This article was updated to reflect changes to the ability to use the Data Export feature with the iPerceptions Free platform.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.

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