Introducing our new and improved Questionnaire Export feature

by Phil A.

We are happy to announce that we made improvements to our questionnaire export feature. In the Research Design section of our platform, on the Research Setup page, you can export different versions of your questionnaire, including the live, archived and draft versions. The redesigned questionnaire export includes:

  • A list of the questions and answers, including the ID numbers for each question and answer (Tag IDs)  
  • The Skip Logic and Branching programmed for your survey
  • The reporting descriptions for each question and answer in your survey 

In addition, you can now export all language versions of your survey in one Excel file for an easy view of the translations that are currently programmed for your survey.

As of December 18th 2015, you will have access to the improved questionnaire export. For more information on how to use it, consult our support forum here.

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