Contents of Questionnaire Export File

by Phil A.

You can export a copy of your research to a document when using the “Export Questionnaire” feature on the “Research Setup” page of the iPerceptions Active Research Platform, and then selecting the “MS Word (Research Setup) option:


The contents of this document include the following:

Project Information

This information is included at the beginning of every document, and lists the background information related to this project (including the information found on the Project Info page of the Active Research Platform), as well as details on when the export was performed, and the version of the project that was exported (live, draft, or archived).


Welcome Page and Thank You Page

The text that is programmed for the Welcome Page and Thank You Pages of your iPerceptions project (the first and last pages that your respondents see when filling it out) are provided. 

The “Welcome Page” text is shown immediately below the Project Information mentioned above:


The “Thank You Page” text can be found at the end of the document:



Questions and Answers (inc. Reporting Descriptions and Tag IDs)

A: The full text for the question and answers

B: The reporting description for the answers are also provided if the “Include Reporting Texts” option was selected when you performed the export.

C: The ID numbers for individual answer choices if the “Include Tag IDs” option was selected when you performed the export.

D: The question type, the number of columns in which the answers are being shown, and whether the answer list is randomized when a respondent is shown this question.

E: Any behavior that is been applied to an answer choice.

F: Skip Logic and Branching that has been programmed for this question (if any).


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