Contents of Translations Export File

by Phil A.

You can export a copy of the translations for your research to a document when using the “Export Questionnaire” feature on the “Research Setup” page of the iPerceptions Active Research Platform, and then selecting the “MS Excel (Translations) option:


The contents of this document include the following:


A: The text that is programmed for the Welcome Page and Thank You Pages of your iPerceptions project (the first and last pages that your respondents see when filling it out) are provided.  The “Welcome Page” text is shown immediately below the Survey Title row, near the top of the export, while the “Thank You Page” text can be found at the bottom of the document.

B: The full text and ID numbers for each of the questions in the project.

C: The translations programmed for each of the languages that have been added to your project.  Each of the languages for your project is shown in its own column, with the first language shown in the export being the default language for your project, and all languages afterwards being shown alphabetically. 

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