Accessing Advanced Exploration

by Phil A.

Advanced Exploration for a given survey can be accessed in the “Analyze” section of the iPerceptions Platform for this survey, through the "Advanced Exploration" page.

All users that are subscribed to the iPerceptions Enterprise Platform can access Advanced Exploration, though creation and editing capabilities in Advanced Exploration are available only to users who are assigned an Editor License.

Advanced Exploration displays your analysis using Worksheets and Workbooks:

  • A worksheet contains an output (e.g. chart, table) based on the variables you have chosen to analyze. Multiple worksheets can be created to analyze a given project.
  • A workbook is a collection of these worksheets.  Multiple workbooks can be created for a given survey in order to organize your research.  For example, one workbook can be created to focus your analysis on those coming to your website to obtain support, and another can be created to analyze and trend specific business KPIs over time


When accessing Advanced Exploration for a given survey, a list of the Workbooks that have been created for this survey are shown:



Selecting a Workbook shows the Worksheets that are included within it:


Selecting a Worksheet provides the ability to perform your analysis in this Worksheet, as well as switch between the different Worksheets using the tabs provided at the top of the Worksheets:


This view also provides the option to edit the contents of this Worksheet.  


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