Use Case: Trending a Measure over time

by Phil A.

This use case examines how to set up your analysis in Advanced Exploration if you want to trend a Measure variable over a certain period of time.  

Some common examples that this use case can be used for include:

  • Overall Experience by month
  • Number of responses by day
  • Data from Multi-Select or Scale questions by year / quarter / month / week / day


For this use case, we'll address the following request: 


I would like to view a monthly trend of my respondents’ average Overall Experience. 


Step 1: Select your Columns (X-Axis) and Rows (Y-Axis)

Note that the Resp_TimeEnd variable specifies when respondents completed the survey, and can be used for analyses that require trending.  

To analyze Overall Experience by Month, you would place Overall Experience (Measure) as a Row, and Resp TimeEnd (Dimension) as a Column.


Step 2: Convert the Resp TimeEnd variable from “Year” to “Month”

By default, adding the Resp TimeEnd variable as a Column provides the data by Year.  For this example, right-click the variable, and select the “Month” option for which the year is also provided:


Step 3: Specify how the measure should be calculated in your analysis

By default, when adding a Measure to your analysis, it is calculated as a Sum (see image in Step 1).  To convert this measure to an average, right-click the variable, go to “Measure” and select “Average”:


After making this change, click the “Show Labels” option in the toolbar to have a numerical view of the average Overall Experience ratings provided in the output:



Step 4: Choose the chart type for your analysis

Using the “Show Me” option in the toolbar, select the format in which to display the data:


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