Subscribing to a View in Advanced Exploration

by Phil A.

Subscribing to a view in Advanced Exploration provides the ability to stay up to date on your iPerceptions data by receiving automated emails that include the output for a worksheet.  You also have the ability to subscribe to all views in a workbook.

To subscribe to a view, access Advanced Exploration through the iPerceptions platform, and perform the following:

  • Access the worksheet to which you would like to subscribe. Do not go into “Edit Mode”
  • Click “Subscribe” at the top-right of the worksheet.  This will display a menu in which you can specify the parameters of your subscription:


  • Specify the parameters for this subscription:

  1. Specify whether you would like to subscribe only to the worksheet you are currently accessing (“This View”), or for all worksheets included in this workbook (“All Views”)
  2. Choose whether to receive a report Daily, Weekly or Monthly, or every Weekday morning.  
  3. Specify the subject line to be used in the automated emails. The name of the worksheet that you are currently accessing is used by default.  


  • Click “Subscribe” to create your new subscription based on the parameters you specified.


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