Creating a Custom View in Advanced Exploration

by Phil A.

If you find yourself manually applying the same filters to your worksheets every time you access Advanced Exploration or custom dashboards, you can consider programming custom views (bookmarks) to prevent you from having to set these filters every time.

To create a custom view, access Advanced Exploration through the iPerceptions platform, and perform the following: 


  • Access the worksheet for which you want to create a custom view. Do not go into “Edit Mode”.
  • Set the filters that you would like to save in your custom view.
  • Click “Original View” at the top-right of the worksheet. This will display a menu in which you can save your custom view:


  • Set the parameters for this custom view:

  1. Specify a name for this custom view. You should choose a name that is specific to the nature of the custom view, and would be easy to identify if you have many custom views saved.
  2. Choose whether this custom view should be applied any time you access this worksheet.
  3. Choose whether to share this custom view with other colleagues who have access to this workbook or custom dashboard. Custom views are private by default
  4. View all of the custom views that you have created.
  5. View all of the custom views to which you have access, including custom views that were made public by your colleagues
  6. Manage the custom views that you created.  You can rename or delete a custom view, as well as toggle whether to make your custom views private or public.


  • Click “Save”, and your new custom view will be accessible in this workbook moving forward.
  • In order to access a custom view the next time you access Advanced Exploration, simply open the "Original View" menu, and select your desired custom view from the "My Views" section of the menu (see image above).  


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