iPerceptions Variables As Dimensions and Measures

by Phil A.

The data that you collect with your iPerceptions projects are classified into 2 groups of variables in Advanced Exploration: Dimensions and Measures.



This article provides an overview of what makes your projects' variables a Dimension, and what makes them a Measure.



A dimension is a variable for which its data is comprised of text strings, and are usually variables with which you could typically categorize your respondents.  These variables appear in blue when used in your analysis (see screenshot above):  



A measure is a variable for which its data is comprised of only numerical values. These variables appear in green when used in your analysis. 



However, it is possible for a scale question to be classified as a Dimension, instead of a measure.  

For question types that use a scale, such as Single-Select with Score and Set-of-Ratings, whether scores have been assigned to each of the items in your scale determines whether this variable will be a Dimension or Measure:

  • Dimension: If at least one of the scale items was not assigned a score (e.g. N/A)
  • Measure: If a score is assigned to each item in the scale


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