Use Case: Cross-tabbing 1 Dimension and 1 Measure

by Phil A.

This use case examines how to set up your analysis in Advanced Exploration if you want to crosstab 1 Dimension and 1 Measure, and view this data for a specific time period.

Some common examples that this use case can be used for include:

  • Overall Experience by Purpose of Visit
  • Likelihood to Recommend by Visit Frequency
  • Any question type using a scale by any demographic data variable


For this use case, we'll address the following request: 


I want to view my respondents’ average Overall Experience based on their Purpose of Visit.



Step 1: Select your Columns (X-Axis) and Rows (Y-Axis)

To analyze Overall Experience by Purpose of Visit, you would place Overall Experience (Measure) as a Row, and Purpose of Visit (Dimension) as a Column.


By default, including a Measure in your analysis shows the data in chart format.  The chart and table type for a view can be modified by using the “Show Me” option provided in the toolbar.



Step 2: Specify how the measure should be calculated

When adding a Measure as a Column or Row, it is calculated as a Sum by default (see image in Step 1).  To convert this measure to an average, right-click the variable, go to “Measure”, then select “Average”.


Making this change updates the data in the chart to show average Overall Experience by Purpose of Visit.  Click the “Show Labels” option in the toolbar to have a numerical view of the average Overall Experience ratings provided in the output:



Step 3: Convert your analysis into a different chart type (optional)

The “Color”, “Shape” and “Text” options provided in the Marks card allows you to specify how to show this data in the table or chart.  For this example, the data will be updated to display the data in “Color” format.

Since respondents’ Overall Experience is being evaluated, click and drag the Overall Experience question from the Measures list to the “Color” option in the Marks card, then convert the variable to an average (see Step 2):


The colors of the bars in the chart will reflect the average Overall Experience rating for the different Purposes of Visit (the higher the average Overall Experience rating, the deeper the color). 


Step 4: Specify your time period

By default, the crosstabs that you create show data for all respondents that completed your survey in the last 3 years.  To focus your analysis on a specific time period, bring the "Time_RespEnd" variable (Dimension) into the Filters card.


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