Create a New Scheduled Report (Beta)

by Phil A.

Please note that this article looks at the Beta version of the Scheduled Report feature. To learn more about creating a new scheduled report using the existing Scheduled Report feature, please refer to this article.



If you have Administrator permissions in the iPerceptions Platform, you can create new scheduled reports by selecting the “Create New Report” button.


Clicking this button will open a dialog window in which you can specify the parameters of your new scheduled report:

  1. Select Type: The types of scheduled report you want to set up for your project:

    • Surveys: Open-Ended Answers
    • Comment Cards: Open-Ended Answers or Comment Card Report
    • Experience Optimization: Open-Ended Answers or Experience Optimization Report
  2. Description: A small description or name you want to give this scheduled report. 

    This description will appear both in the Scheduled Reports table and in the automated emails you will receive from this scheduled report.
  3. Bookmark: The bookmark you set up in the Text Mining feature that specifies the group of respondents on which this scheduled report will focus. 

    Refer to this support article for instructions on how to create a bookmark in the Text Mining feature.
  4. Frequency: When you would like to receive this scheduled report in your inbox (Real-Time, Daily, Weekly or Monthly).
  5. Language: The version of your project for which this scheduled report will focus.
  6. Email address: Who will receive this scheduled report.  You can add people to the distribution list for this scheduled report in the following ways:

    • You can type in the person’s email address in the open text field provided
    • Expand the “Email contact book” menu and easily select colleagues who have iPerceptions user accounts associated to this project.


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