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by Emily Latham

Updated: February 24, 2021

With the Engagement Designer, you can easily customize survey invitations for your brand. With the ability to change invitation text, colors, add images, your logo and alter specific invitation behaviors – you’ll be able to maintain a consistent style that matches your website.

To get started, watch our Engagement Designer Tutorial:

Accessing the Engagement Designer

To get started, select the survey you will modifying the invitation for using the Project dropdown. Then click on Research.

Next, open the Engagement Designer. You can choose to work with the desktop or mobile version.


Customizing the Invitation

The first tab, Invitation, will allow you to customize the layout, look and transitions of your survey.

Using the text editor, you can easily update the text with some styling options.

For more advanced options, like to add CSS, click the Code View.

To add Javascript, please contact us for further assistance.


Modifying the Layout

To update the layout of the survey invitation, click on Layout. Here you update the size of the survey invitation, the type of invitation, add logos and set a body layout.

Size determines if the survey will be compact or wide. Select the radio button to make your choice. The display window will update accordingly upon selection.

Type determines how the survey invitation will appear to visitors. Discreet sets the invitation to slide up from the bottom of the webpage, while Layer will post the invitation in the center of the screen on top of the webpage.

Using the dropdown, you can make your selection. To review how these options will function, click Save and then click Preview.

Logos allows you to add a logo to the survey invitation. Click the Upload Image button to choose an image from your computer.

Using the radio buttons under Position Logo, set the logo to display either: left, center or right of the invitation header.

You can also set the iPerceptions Logo to Position to either left or right.

The iPerceptions Logo Color radio buttons allow you to determine if the iPerceptions logo appears Dark or Light in the footer.

The Privacy Policy Color radio buttons allow you to determine if the Privacy Policy link appears Dark or Light in the footer.

Body allows you to determine the invitation layout, a background color and add a background image.

Using the radio buttons under Body, you can alter the invitation layout to be one column or two columns with the image either on the right or left.

To update the background color, simply click the color picker.

If you wish to add a background image to the invitation, you can upload an image from your computer by using the Upload Image option under Background Image.

If you add a background image, you may exclude it from the header or footer by selecting the corresponding boxes under the Exclude Image From section.


Modifying Buttons

To make changes to the survey invitation buttons (yes or no buttons), open the Buttons section.

Using the radio buttons under Position, determine where the buttons will display on the invitation either left, center or right.

To change the roundness of the button, use the Corner Radius and Margin pixel boxes. Increasing the pixel size will change the button to look more rounded.

To edit the button colors, first select which button to style.

Using the Width and Height boxes, you may alter the size of the button.

Using the color pickers, you can set a color for the text inside the button and the button background color.

To change the border color, use the color picker under Border. To update the Border Weight, enter in the desired pixel amount.


Updating Transitions

Open Transitions to modify the survey invitation behavior.

Here you can enable the Skip Survey Welcome Page. This will allow users to launch the survey after accepting the invitation, rather than going to the Survey Welcome Page prior to beginning the survey.


Customizing the Delay

The final editing option is editing the Invitation Delay. This is the pop-up reminder that will appear to users to take the survey once they finished browsing your website. You can make similar edits to the delay as you have with the invitation like the logo layout, body, buttons and so forth.

You can choose to skip this delay entirely which would allow users to launch the survey once they accept the invitation.


Previewing & Publishing

You can choose to skip this delay entirely which would allow users to launch the survey once they accept the invitation.

Once you’re ready to post your Survey Invitation’s changes, click the Publish button.

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