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by Emily Latham

Updated: April 20, 2021

With the Report Builder, easily create and share reports on all of your surveys in a few simple steps. 

To get started, watch our Report Builder tutorial:

Accessing Report Builder

To get started, you will first need to select the survey you want to analyze data for.

Next, open the Analyze tab.

Under Report Builder, you will have two options: Dashboard and Visuals.

Dashboards allow you to create custom dashboards where you can add one or multiple reports to easily compare data.

Visuals allow you to create or modify a variety of custom reports based upon your survey questions and results.



When you first open the Dashboard screen, you will see the Dashboards that you've created, Dashboards that were shared with you and and Dashboards that you've saved as a favorite.

To view Dashboards that also display the report type used, select the grid view.

Easily share Dashboards with other users by clicking the Share icon and then by selecting the group you wish to share it with.

To add a new Dashboard, select the Add New button. Then, select Add a New Visual or Duplicate Existing Visual.

Then select a question from your survey you want to compile data for. Next, select a visual for the report. Enter a name for the chart and then click create to generate the visual.

Once the visual is generated, you can easily make updates to it by hovering over the right-hand corner of the visual and clicking the three dots.

Next, click on Edit to access the editing tool.

You can then make updates like changing the visual style, changing the chart settings, updating the colors and so forth.

Within a Dashboard, you can easily add more visuals to compare, and contrast, two types of data sets. To do this click Add Visual.

You can then choose to add or copy an existing visual or to create a new one.

Once added, you will now have two visuals within the Dashboard to compare, and contrast.

You can also resize the two visuals, which allows you to set which visual is the main visual for the Dashboard. 

The larger visual will also then show in the grid view as your main visual.

Once you’re finished creating the Dashboard, click Save.



To work with Visuals, click on the Visuals tab under Report Builder.

On the Visuals page you will see Visuals you’ve created and those that have been shared with you. 

Click Add New to add a new Visual.

Then, select Add a New Visual or Duplicate Existing Visual.

Give your Visual a name. 

Select the question from the survey that you will be running the data for. 

Then choose the Visual type. 

Then click Create.

Once the Visual is added, you can edit the Visual by using the editing options located to the right. From here you can change the style, update the settings, update colors and so forth.

Once you’re finished editing the Visual, click Save.


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